The Road to Mons with Susan Raby-Dunne – a Presentation in Turner Valley March 7th

Susan will be at the Sheep River Library tomorrow night with copies of her books and some artifacts from WWI as she talks about her trip to France and Belgium, complete with plenty of photos.

Susan is a local author who has written three books on war and the role Canadians played:

The Brooding Soldier and its Creator – Told with new information and rare or previously unknown photographs, this is the story of the sculptor/veteran and one of the most beloved monuments on the Western Front, the Brooding Soldier of St. Julien, Belgium.

Bonfire – The Chestnut Gentleman is the essential, true story behind the poem, In Flanders Fields, as told by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae’s war horse, Bonfire.

John McCrae – Beyond Flanders Fields ©2016 is a new, non-fiction biography; a surprising and intimate look at the complex healer/soldier, published by Heritage House. This book is presently nominated for the 2018 Golden Oak Award.

Susan also conducts tours of World War I and II sites. To learn more about these tours visit her website: Canadian War History Tours