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The ORB Factory™ Announces New Line of Anti-Bacterial Products

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, March 26, 2020 /CNW/ — In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Toy Company ORB™ is converting its production capabilities, launching a new line of Cyber Clean™ Anti-Bacterial and Hand Sanitizing products.

Patented, Swiss Formula Anti-Bacterial product line designed for cleaning and disinfecting places and surfaces not reached by conventional cleaning solutions.

The ORB Factory™, parent company of ORB™ Toys, announces a new line of disinfecting cleaning products for all aspects of everyday living. The line, Cyber Clean™, ranges from a much in demand hand sanitizer to a broad array of patented home, office, automotive, and pet care products designed for cleaning and disinfecting places and surfaces not reached by conventional cleaning solutions. 

“We have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely to see how ORB™ could best contribute . We chose to quickly partner with our overseas supplier to convert as many of our production facilities as we could from play compounds  and putties to Anti-Bacterial Compounds and Sanitizers,” said Michael Bianco, President and Partner. “We are in the midst of a global crisis like nothing experienced in our lifetime. Just as in WWII when auto manufacturers switched to Jeeps and tanks, ORB™ is sticking to its area of expertise. Changing from play compounds to safety compounds is how we can best contribute. We have an opportunity and an obligation to do whatever we can to help ease the burden experienced by our global citizens.”

ORB™ has a partner whose facilities were built to Medical Grade Clean Room standards. Collectively they have been producing both children’s and medical compounds for over 30 years. Production  machinery has rapidly been converted to the production of the Cyber Clean™ Anti-Bacterial lines. The Cyber Clean™ line has been in production and has had world- wide distribution for almost 10 years. All products meet or exceed regulatory standards. 

ORB™ is currently in  production and wants to ensure that customers, businesses, those working in the health sector, and those in the service industry alike all have access to the sanitization supplies that they need as we work together to ‘flatten the curve’.

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About The ORB™ Factory

The ORB Factory™ is the parent company of ORB™ Toys and has been in business for almost thirty years. Known around the world for high quality products, speed to market, and as a go to resource for all of our business partners, our products can be found in over 70 countries.

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