The Library is Your Source for Free e-Resources


A recent patron survey conducted at the Sheep River Library in Turner Valley revealed that 25% of respondents either did not use or did not know about the e-resources available through the library. The library held an e-resource open house on March 21st to introduce patrons to this wonderful service. Sheep River Library offers Technology Hour on Friday afternoons, but they ask that you call ahead (403-933-3278) to make an appointment with Gita to make sure she is there.

Did you know you can download e-books, magazines and newspapers as well as music and movies? You can sign up for Alberta Wide borrowing through ME libraries. Solaro is another e-resource which provides study help and exam prep for students in Grades 3 through 12 in Math, Science and Language Arts. Also available in the library are Grant Connect and These resources are expensive to access if you purchase them on your own. By going through the library portal, you get to use them for free.

If you want to learn more about these services you can visit the library or go to the Marigold website. These resources are available through all Alberta libraries.

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