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The Last Year of the NDP Carbon Tax Starts Now

EDMONTON, AB (June 7, 2018): Today marks two years since the Alberta NDP’s carbon tax bill became law, and the United Conservatives are vowing to make this the last year that Albertans will have to pay the carbon tax.

“Should Albertans elect us next year, today marks the last year that Albertans will have to pay the NDP carbon tax,” United Conservative leader Jason Kenney said. “Next summer, we will introduce Bill 1: the Carbon Tax Repeal Act, putting an end to a punitive tax that makes it more expensive for Albertans to heat their homes and drive to work.”

Since the NDP imposed this punishing tax, the carbon tax has done nothing more than make life more expensive for everyday Albertans:

  • Household budgets: 55 per cent of Alberta households either didn’t qualify for the NDP’s carbon tax rebate cheque or their rebate was less than what the household actually paid in carbon taxes, according to an analysis by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

According to the NDP, the carbon tax was supposed to buy so-called “social licence” for much-needed pipeline projects. However, since the carbon tax was introduced, massive projects like Northern Gateway and Energy East have been scrapped, while the Trans Mountain Expansion project faces continued uncertainty.

The UCP Official Opposition highlighted the NDP’s planned 67 per cent increase in the carbon tax throughout the Legislature’s spring session, which ended today. The United Conservatives also held the NDP government to account on:

  • This spring’s Budget that sets Alberta on course for a $96 billion debt;
  • A continued increase in the crime rate;
  • The failure of the NDP to defend Alberta’s resources from the Trudeau government’s anti-energy agenda, such as the anti-pipeline bills C-69 and C-48;
  • The failure to fight back against the British Columbia NDP’s obstruction of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion; and
  • Growing health care wait times.

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