The ending of an era

2020 has been one hell of a half year so far, no matter how you cut it. 

While much of it has caused pain and heavy hearts, I do believe… I have to believe… that there is a positive end to come out of it all. 

This article is about one more event of 2020 that will bring pain and sadness to many, but that in the big scheme of this book of life, is a necessary part of moving forward. 

The announcement I have today is that the Gateway Gazette will be shutting down. 

This decision has not been made lightly or easily. I have personally struggled with it from many angles. 

First and foremost, has been my own personal challenge of accepting that it’s time to let go of a goal and dream that was a deeply passionate endeavour that I created with my mom, Pam. 

It’s been a year and half since her passing and a large part of my struggle to let go has been due to an unwillingness to let go of her. Which has been a tremendously difficult truth to accept personally. 

That may not be a very professional or business-like admission to make. 

But in reality, the Gateway Gazette was never just a business. It was a piece of mine and Pam’s heart and soul. It was our baby from the very first edition published on October 12, 2004 as a Good News Only bi-weekly, print publication. 

It became a loving part of the communities we’ve served and I know that there will be many people disappointed and saddened by this decision. Which is the other half of the struggle I’ve been facing. 

Your encouragement and support over the years has been deeply appreciated and will never be forgotten. 

But for the sake of maintaining the positive memories of both the Gateway Gazette and my mom, Pam, it is time to say goodbye. 

On a parting note, I want to send out a thank you to the many staff, contributors and volunteers who were a part of the Gateway Gazette family over the years, including Denise L., Lynne M., Todd C., Kim B., Tanya P., Diane B., Tyler B., Gloria W., Lynn W., Dave H., Rosemary J., among many, many others – sixteen years worth of names to call on, please know that you are all appreciated. 

To the many advertisers who supported and believed in us, especially when we transitioned into a digital publication. With special mention to Black Diamond Pharmasave for having been our most prominent, anchor advertiser since they opened their doors 12 years ago. 

And to our thousands of readers who continued to give us a reason for doing what we’ve been doing for nearly 16 years. 

But my deepest gratitude goes to Tracey Walshaw. For without Tracey and her constant dedication to the Gateway Gazette, there were many times that it would have floundered completely. 

We never could have come this far without her. 

The last date for current updates will be July 31, 2020. 

The site will remain live (with some modifications) for one year after that for the sake of advertisers and archives. 

Thank you all – staff, volunteers, advertisers, and readers – again, for being such an integral part of nearly 2 decades of my/our life.

Tanya Jones-Thibodeau 

The tricky part about running a newspaper, is that for all the thousands of photos we’ve collected over the years, rarely were there moments when we were captured on camera ourselves, and less often together. I wish I could have provided a tribute album to highlight the last, amazing, sixteen years.