The End is Near: Diamond Willow Artisan Retreat Will Close This Winter

Diamond WillowDoug and I are very excited to have made the decision that we’ll be closing the business at the end of November. Diamond Willow Artisan Retreat has been incredibly wonderful, we have met some amazing people and had the most fun anyone can imagine while watching our guests enjoy the retreat. We have accomplished all that we set out to do and we feel very satisfied with our efforts.

Huge gratitude goes out to the many visitors who became friends, the facilitators who brought their clients, musicians who have entertained in our living room, chefs and other foodies, nature-lovers, painters, yogis and on and on. Since we moved down here, we’ve made amazing friends and we appreciate them and the support of local businesses.

The next stage of our lives will be different for sure, and we are hoping to travel and relax – maybe even read a book or two!!

So, take the opportunity to attend one of the upcoming retreats, while you can!

Watch our webpage or Facebook for updates.