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The Cost of Fighting Fires in the MD of Foothills

Note: with fire and emergencies that occur within the MD, ratepayers may be subject to the following charges.

  1. For Fire Service responses located on residential or agriculturally zoned land within the M.D. for a fire not intentionally set by the occupant, or fires caused by an act of nature or vandalism, charges will be actual costs to a maximum of $1,500.00.
  2. For other Fire Service responses; to other types of property for pleasure or agricultural use, charges will be actual costs to a maximum of $1,500.00.
  3. For Fire Service responses located on commercial or industrial zoned land, or to other property used for commercial uses, charges will be actual costs to a maximum cost of $1,500 plus 75% of costs over $1,500.
  4. Where costs are a result of responding to burning without a fire permit, failing to meet the conditions of a fire permit or simple negligence of the occupant or property owner, Council may at its discretion charge the owner or occupant of the land upon which the Incident occurred, the full Fire Service costs. This will include but not be restricted to, incidents involving residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial, all public use buildings and other types of property.
  5. When the MD incurs firefighting costs with respect to a fire that spread or threatened to spread onto more than one parcel of land, the Council may, in its discretion, apportion and charge the firefighting costs actually incurred to the owners of the parcels of land involved in such manner as Council considers being reasonable.
  6. Where Fire Service costs are to a result of an intentional act, failing to meet an evacuation order, or simple negligence of the person or persons requiring assistance Council may, at its discretion charge the person or persons the full fire department costs.
  7. For Fire Service responses or requests for service into another municipality where there is no agreement specifying otherwise, charges will be as set out from time to time by Alberta Transportation.
  8. Fees will not be charged for the following; • Medical Assists within the Municipal District of Foothills and not on a Provincial or Federal right of way; • First response to a “False Alarm / Alarm Bells” within a 12 month consecutive period.

The complete list of Foothills Fire Department Rates and Fees can be found online at under the Resource Library.

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