The Alberta Party: Shadow Budget 2020

The Alberta Party: Shadow Budget 2020

As we have since 2015, today we release our Shadow Budget. This is our alternative to reckless spending and heartless cuts. 

Unlike in past years when we had paid legislative staff, this was done with volunteer power only. To those who toiled countless hours on this, thank you.

The Shadow Budget proposes a number of new policies to stimulate and diversify our economy, and create strong families and communities. We do this while still balancing the budget by 2023.

Please, take a look for yourself here. Share the Shadow Budget with friends and family. Debate it. That’s what our democracy is about. As long as that debate is done respectfully, based in fact.

There is a better way to make Alberta work. We can be fiscally responsible without losing our heart.

Please download your copy here

Shadow Budget 2020 is a plan to transition and stimulate our economy. New policies include: an Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit; Film In Alberta Tax Credit; Alberta Digital Animation Tax Credit; the Alberta Investor Tax Credit; Investing in the Alberta Agricultural Innovation; and Doubling the Alberta Small Business Deduction from $500,000 to $1M.

Alberta families also need support to grow and thrive. We continue to call for a childcare system that covers as many people as necessary in an affordable manner. The means-tested voucher system covers those who need it most. Further, we call for a program to be developed to cover In-Vitro Fertilization. 

The Alberta Party has released a Shadow Budget every year since 2015. Providing this roadmap is important. It is important that the 172,000 Albertans who voted for the Alberta Party in the 2019 election have their voices heard. They asked us to embrace innovation, empower communities, and transition our economy. Those voters wanted a plan to make Alberta work.