The Alberta Party: A Roaring Start to the Campaign!

Alberta Party starts campaignSaturday, Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark launched the Alberta Party’s 2015 campaign to a large crowd of supporters at his Calgary-Elbow campaign headquarters. The speech was broadcast live on the Internet to Alberta Party candidates and supporters spread out across the province.

Greg reminded the crowd that the PCs have increased our government’s dependence on oil and gas and now they want to cut your kids education and your family’s healthcare. Greg outlined how the Alberta Party has a better way through the Alberta Party’s Economic Recovery Plan, including:

  • moving to a true progressive taxation system where those who make less pay less, and those who make more pay a little more;
  • conducting zero-based audits of every government department, starting with Health, to find efficiencies and ensure your tax dollars are well spent; and
  • reducing small business taxes over a period of time to help entrepreneurs to create jobs and diversify our economy.