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Text Threats Close School in Medicine Hat While RCMP Investigate

Redcliff RCMP Assist MHPS on Uttering Threats Complaint

Redcliff RCMP are currently on scene at Eagle Butte High School in relation to an investigation into anonymous threats via text message.  A student from Eagle Butte High School received the threat although it did not target any students at Eagle Butte High School.  Redcliff RCMP expect to be present at Eagle Butte High School throughout the day as the school is currently operating under their school safety protocols.

Due to the nature of the text messages, Redcliff RCMP is investigating alongside the Medicine Hat Police Service.  Work is also being undertaken with the Prairie Rose School Division during this time to determine the best course of action for all involved at the school.

Updates regarding the school situation at Eagle Butte High School will be provided whenever possible by Prairie Rose School Division.  The RCMP will update the investigation as the case develops.

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