Testing rules out Ebola Virus Disease in Calgary Zone patient

CALGARY – Alberta Health Services (AHS) has been managing a potential case of Ebola Virus Disease at South Health Campus.

Due to this individual’s travel and symptom history, AHS had decided to test this individual for Ebola Virus Disease.

Test results have now confirmed that this patient does NOT have Ebola Virus Disease.

Staff managed this patient appropriately, implementing the protective protocols necessary, at all points of care.

Although the test results have now confirmed that the patient did not have Ebola, the protocols in place were necessary to ensure that health was protected from any potential risk.

Staff and patients were not, and are not, at risk of Ebola.

The South Health Campus is safe, and presents no risk to public, staff or patients.

We thank staff for their expertise and diligence in managing this patient.

So as to protect patient confidentiality, no further information will be released.

(Alberta Health Services)