Terry Fox Run at Longview School


By Debbie Graham

We did it different and yes it was great! This year Miss. Christensen was in charge of the Terry Fox event at our school. Instead of climbing the Longview Hill which has been a long standing tradition at our school Miss. Christensen approached the students about doing something different. First they set their money goals and rewards:

$100.00—everyone could wear a hat in school all day.

$200.00—students earned a free period.

$300.00—Miss Christensen would bake cookies for everyone.

$400.00— staff would sing at next talent show and share day.

$500.00—staff would dress up as the opposite gender—Poor Mr. Musgrove !!

$600.00—student would duck tape teachers to the wall.

$700.00 – event yet to be decided.

Well they raised $768.25

On Sept 22nd all of our students decorated a paper running shoe representing Terry Fox and stated who they were running for in the fight against cancer. They wore the running shoe around their neck as they ran around the school track. They could run for up to thirty minutes. Each lap earned them a popsicle stick representing one kilometer of what Terry Fox would have ran. The final tally has not been made but we are near 1200 kilometers.

             Congratulations to all—we are the little school that can and does.!!

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