Temporary closures to some park areas begins April 20, 2015


HIGH RIVER, AB: Starting Monday, Apr. 20, 2015 public access to the park area surrounding Highwood Village Lake will be closed for safety reasons during construction. The closure is anticipated to be in effect for three to four weeks as crews will be working with large equipment. In addition, the Sunshine storm pond area will have a partial closure, potentially starting early next week.

The work at the Highwood Village and Sunshine areas is part of the now 33 remediation and reconstruction park’s projects for 2015.

“During this first phase of the pond work, heavy equipment will be needed for excavation, moving of rocks and for bringing in the additional soil,” said Kim Unger, parks remediation and recovery lead for the Town of High River.

The soil is needed to build new beds for naturalization and to create an underwater peninsula, called a promontory. The promontory will be planted with willows that are constructed in a way that guides water movement and facilitates naturalization. All of this work will help improve the ecosystem of the park including the water quality.

“There will be lots of activity and moving equipment to complete this work,” added Unger, “and it can make it difficult to see pedestrians, cyclists and those at play. Safety is our number one priority. This inconvenience will be well worth the end result.”

Residents are asked to obey all signs when near any of the construction and restoration work in town. The goal is a safe, injury free construction season for all.

Updates on this year’s projects will be posted on the Flood Renewal and Resources page at http://www.highriver.ca and posted to the Town’s Facebook and Twitter feed, as work progresses.