Telus Tips to Manage your Internet Usage


Understand how you’re using your Internet service, ensure you’re on the right plan, and avoid overage charges.

Activities that consume data

Everything you do on the Internet consumes data. However, given the large data allowances of our Internet plans, you needn’t worry about activities like:

  • Web browsing, online shopping
  • Sending and receiving emails (unless they contain huge attachments)
  • Instant messaging
  • Moderate use of social media

Other activities, however, consume lots of data. To avoid overage charges, be aware of (all values approximate):

  • Up/downloading very large files (over 100 MB)
  • Video conferencing, e.g. Skype, FaceTime (200 MB / hr)
  • Online gaming, e.g. Xbox, PlayStation (75 MB / hr)
  • Downloading games or updates (Sizes vary. Check before downloading.)
  • Downloading movies (700 MB)
  • Streaming audio, e.g. Songza, Internet radio (Up to 100 MB / hr)
  • Watching Netflix in Standard Definition (1 GB / hr)
  • Watching Netflix in High Definition (3 GB / hr)

Note: Netflix usage includes using the Netflix app on Optik TV. More about Netflix and managing its data usage

Optik TV and Internet usage

Watching Optik TV on your TV does not count as data. Specifically, the following do not count as data use on your Internet connection when accessed via a PVR or set-top box:

  • Live TV
  • TV on Demand (including Crave TV)
  • Video on Demand
  • PVR recordings
  • Pay-Per-View

However, Optik™ on the go and applications that run on Optik TV will contribute to your data usage. Applications include Netflix, TED Talks, Karaoke, National Film Board, Weather Network, TumbleBooks, Facebook, Twitter and Santa Tracker.

Estimate your data usage, pick the right plan

The best way to predict your future needs is often to look at your past usage.

View your current and past usage

You can track your data usage to ensure you are on an Internet plan that meets your needs:

1. Log in to My Account

2. Select “View usage” in the Home Services section

3. Select the billing period from the drop down list to view your monthly usage

Pick the right plan

See below whether your Internet plan aligns with your usage:

Typical uses Recommended plans
Browsing the web, shopping, banking
Emailing (without huge attachments)
Viewing some YouTube videos
Occasional Skype use (voice only)
TELUS Internet 6 or higher
Video chatting/conferencing
Moderate use of streaming audio/video
Some online gaming
Regular use of social media
TELUS Internet 25 or higher
Heavy use of video streaming
Regular online gaming
Frequent up/downloading of large files
Multiple users on multiple devices
TELUS Internet 50 or 100

Heaviest users should consider
upgrading to Unlimited Data Usage

Staying within your monthly data allowance

Take these basic precautions to ensure you’re not “wasting” Internet data:

1.       Protect your Internet connections from unauthorized use: ensure your Wi-Fi is password-protected

2.       Install anti-virus / anti-spam software (See TELUS Security Services)

3.       Turn off streaming music and video when not in use

For more on Internet overage charges – and tips on how to avoid them – please see Usage-based Internet charges.