Telus Fibre Optic Construction in Black Diamond and Turner Valley


Please be advised the Telus Fibre construction project will continue throughout the summer.  You will notice many workers, heavy equipment, drilling machines and vehicles.

Please follow all signage on the roads and sidewalks.

Watch for Fiber Optic splicing trucks (cables sticking out the back), Hydro-vac trucks, backhoes, drilling machines and lots of workers. Obey all signs on the roads, sidewalks & around the vehicles & equipment. Please do not tamper with the utility marker flags.

Telus Fibre has contacted locating companies to find electric power and natural gas lines buried within the town right-of-ways on your property.  These locators plant small flags into the town right-of-ways to indicate the location of these hazards.  The flags are there to protect utility workers and your property from electric shock and explosions.  Once the crews have completed their work they will remove the flags.

Every time a buried facility is damaged by ground disturbance activities, Albertans, as individuals, as taxpayers, as customers of the operators of the facilities, or as purchasers of construction services, directly or indirectly pay for the damages.

We thank you for your patience with managing your lawns and gardens around these utility locate flags.

**Note:  Flags cannot be removed under any circumstances.  Chemco will remove them after construction is complete. Relocates will need to be done if the flags are tampered with.   Please mow around the flags until they are removed by the contractor.
Check the town websites or Facebook pages for updates: