Team Trudeau Chooses to Move Forward

Ottawa, ON – In October, Canadians have a choice to make about the future of our country: keep moving forward and building on the progress we’ve made, or go back to the politics of the Harper years.

In 2015, after a decade of failed Conservative policy, Canada’s economy was sputtering. Economic growth, job creation, and wages were all stalled – thanks to a Conservative government that believed you could cut your way to prosperity.

“Canadians were tired of a Harper government that promised prosperity, and delivered the opposite. So in 2015, they chose a team that was willing to invest in people and their communities. We live in the best country in the world, but better is always possible,” said the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau. “And while there’s more work ahead of us than behind us, we have spent the last four years building toward better – and we’ve got the record to show for it.”

Over the last four years, our Liberal government made investments that made a real difference in people’s lives:

  • We’ve put more money in people’s pockets by cutting taxes for the middle class and raising them on the wealthiest one percent;
  • We stopped sending child benefit cheques to millionaires, so we could send more to the single parent working two jobs, and to the family of five that falls a bit short at the end of the month;
  • We made the Canada Pension Plan even stronger, because in a country like ours, seniors shouldn’t struggle to make ends meet; and
  • We’re protecting our nature, and ensuring that our air stays clean and our water stays safe – because we owe it to our kids, and to ourselves, to take care of our environment.

Since 2015, Canadians have created over a million new jobs. The new Canada Child Benefit is helping parents pay for healthier groceries, summer camp, and school supplies. We’ve lifted 900,000 Canadians out of poverty – and that includes over 300,000 kids. And this fall, Canadians once again get to vote for the kind of Canada they want to live in.

“Conservatives like to say they’re for the people, but then they cut taxes for the wealthy and cut services for everybody else,” said Mr. Trudeau. “Our government has chosen to move Canada forward by investing in families, workers, and communities. On October 21st, let’s stand united, and let’s choose forward – for a stronger middle class, and for a better Canada for all Canadians.”

To learn more about the Liberal platform visit the website.