TD I ThinkFirst! Contest Winners

The annual TD I ThinkFirst! Contest encourages students in grades K-8 from across Canada to submit creative art projects, explaining in their own words why and how they “ThinkFirst!” to prevent injury when they are active at play, school or at home. With the ongoing support of TD Bank Group, the top 3 individual submissions were awarded with a helmet and a $100 gift card to a sporting goods store. The 1st place winner also received classroom set of helmets. Congratulations to all!

I ThinkFirst! Contest Judging Panel 

Gerard Dinneen, TD Bank
Louise Logan, Parachute President & CEO
Dr. Richard Louis, New Brunswick Trauma Program
Shayna Jaymie, Parent & Mommy Blogger

I ThinkFirst! Contest Winners Named

Congratulations to the following top 3 classrooms for their creative video, and bright and colourful drawings.

Top 3 Classrooms

  • Madame Chloé Hinch, l’école élémentaire catholique du Bon-Berger, Junior and Senior Kindergarten Class, Toronto, ON
  • Mrs. Hickey, Grade 3 Class, St. Johns, NL
  • Ms. O’Driscolls, Kindergarten Class, St. Johns, NL
Mrs Hickey Gr 3 class - St Johns NL
Mrs. Hickey’s Grade 3 class entries

And congratulations to the following 3 individuals for their creative submissions including drawings, short stories.

Top 3 Individual Submissions

  • Caitlyn Eld, Grade 6, Gordon Graydon Senior Public School, Brampton, ON
  • Priya Patel, Grade 3, Kingswood Public School, Brampton, ON
  • Luke Berry, Grade 1, Agnes Taylor Public School, Brampton, ON
Caitlyn Eld
Caitlyn Eld
Luke Berry
Luke Berry
Priya Patel
Priya Patel

The following submissions were also highly rated among the judges for their creativity and uniqueness, and deserve an honourable mention.

Honourable Mentions – Individual Submissions

Lia Eichvald, Grade 2, Sparks Group, Toronto, ON
Harper Bracken, Grade 1, Sparks Group, Toronto, ON

Harper Bracken
Harper Bracken
Lia Eichvald
Lia Eichvald

Honourable Mentions – Classroom Submissions

Lisa Jemison, Sparks Group Leader, Toronto, ON

Lisa Jemison - Sparks Leader