Do You Have What it Takes? Volunteer Firefighters are Needed in Alberta

We are about to enter Fire Safety Week and we should reflect on the work of our local fire departments.

Would you consider volunteering for your fire department? Here is one man’s story about his commitment.

Pride and Appreciation

As a member of a local Hutterite colony I feel very proud to serve as a volunteer firefighter for my community. Our colony obtained a fire truck a few years ago and we have helped out with nearby wildfires and any fires that might breakout in the colony. The local Fire Chief came knocking on my door one day and asked if I would be interested in becoming a firefighter and joining the fire department. I was all for it!

Actually, I had been thinking about becoming a volunteer but not knowing too much, I had some mixed feelings about it. I wasn’t too sure how to contact the local fire department but was sure happy when they approached me. 8 months ago I began my fire service volunteer career. The guys and gals on the Fire Department welcomed me with open arms, especially the Municipal District Fire Chief. I cannot express enough what the Fire Chief has done for me. I am working hard to achieve my Level 1 Firefighter qualification and I only have a few more courses left. I thought I knew a lot about fighting fires, but instead I am learning so much!

I must say, starting my volunteer career I didn’t know anything about the fire service.  “Do you have what it takes…” how true those words are.  Being a volunteer takes commitment from your wife, your children, your family and in my case, from the colony, which I do find as a blessing. A real challenge in life is getting to meet great people and the fire department is full of great people!!!

~ Dan Hofer, Volunteer Firefighter, High River Hutterite Colony

Did you know?

·        80% of Firefighters in Alberta are volunteers

·        97% of Alberta’s fire departments are run by volunteers

·        There are over 450 volunteer-operated fire departments in Alberta

(Source: Alberta Volunteer Firefighters)