Taken by Sanity Win People’s Choice Award

Taken by Sanity won the People’s Choice Award at the YYC Music Awards. The Awards were held on September 22nd at the Palace Theatre, on Stephen Avenue.

Jonah Morris grew up in the foothills and his proud parents are the Chiropractors that own Diamond Valley Chiropractic. Jonah’s bandmates are Blaine and Blaire Stillman. You can see the band in person by following them on social media to find our where they will be performing. Check them out on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.

Thank you to the YYC Music Awards for hosting this incredible event! We met so many talented artists that are doing so many amazing things and to be a part of this scene is such an inspiring experience! To all the artists that we met last night and took their time to shake our hands and chat with us, thank you so much for all your kind words! ️
Next year is going to be great! We have so many great songs being written and we cannot wait to share them with you guys! Thank you all again so much!️️
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