Supporting 21st-century Learning in Schools

Work to modernize and strengthen the education system has taken another step forward with the release of supporting regulations for the Education Act.

The legislation comes into force on Sept. 1.

“I’m excited about the future of education in Alberta. The new Education Act will support academic excellence, education choice and leading-edge learning. We understand there are many steps required for school authorities to adjust to the new legislation, and we know it takes time. We are working with our education partners during this transition.”Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Education

The Education Act strengthens parental rights, enhances local decision-making by school boards, increases education choice and improves accountability within the system. The Education Amendment Act, 2019 received royal assent on July 18, which bring the Education Act into force on Sept. 1. Government has worked with education stakeholders over the summer to finalize the 23 supporting regulations and three related ministerial orders.

The Education Act is the result of widespread consultation, which occurred over a number of years; it replaces the outdated School Act, which was introduced more than 30 years ago.

Alberta Education will work with school boards and authorities as they transition to being governed by the new legislation and supporting regulations.

“The Alberta School Boards Association appreciates that government has given us the opportunity to provide input on the Education Act and regulations, and for engaging our members throughout the process. We look forward to working with Alberta Education in supporting our boards towards successful implementation.”Lorrie Jess, president, Alberta School Boards Association

“The College of Alberta School Superintendents was pleased to have the opportunity to provide input into the development of the regulations for the Education Act, and is appreciative that a number of CASS’ recommendations have been incorporated into the final regulations.”Bevan Daverne, president, College of Alberta School Superintendents

“The Association of Alberta Public Charter Schools’ involvement in the consultation process for the regulation review was encouraged and respected by Alberta Education. Our association participated in the review at all levels throughout the summer and, in reading the approved regulations, we are confident our feedback was heard. We look forward to continuing our work in partnership with Alberta Education to ensure Albertans have the best possible choices in education.”Ron Koper, board chair,  The Association of Alberta Public Charter Schools

“The Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta supports the development of these Education Act regulations. We look forward to working with Alberta Education in support of optimal learning for all students through the implementation of the act and regulations in the coming weeks and months.”Simon Williams, president of the board of directors, Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta

Supporting regulations and ministerial orders for the Education Act

  • Alberta School Foundation Fund Regulation
  • Board of Reference Fees Regulation
  • Board Procedures Regulation
  • Borrowing Regulation
  • Certification of Teachers and Teacher Leaders Regulation
  • Charter Schools Regulation
  • Charter Schools Exemption and Application Regulation
  • Disposition of Property Regulation
  • Early Childhood Services Regulation
  • Education (Consequential Amendments) Regulation (a temporary regulation for transition)
  • Establishment of Separate School Districts Regulation
  • Home Education Regulation
  • Investment Regulation
  • Petitions and Public Notices Regulation
  • Practice Review of Teachers and Teacher Leaders Regulation
  • Private Schools Regulation
  • Repeal Regulation (a temporary regulation for transition)
  • School Councils Regulation
  • School Fees Regulation
  • School Transportation Regulation
  • Separate School Regions Establishment Order (Ministerial Order)
  • Special School Tax Levy Plebiscite Regulation
  • Student Record Regulation
  • Superintendent of Schools Regulation
  • The Continuance of School Divisions and The Board of Trustees Order (Ministerial Order)
  • The Continuance of the Francophone Education Regions and Francophone Regional Authorities Order (Ministerial Order)

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