Study to Consider Proposed Future High School Site


Recently the Foothills School Division and MD of Foothills announced their intention to develop an 1800 student high school on the lands of the Legacy Field House, of which the Town of Okotoks has a 50% interest in the land. This shared interest includes the requirement for mutual consent of both owners regarding any decisions made with regards to these lands, including a portion of land to build schools and access to other site infrastructure such as the field house, parking lots and indoor/outdoor recreational facilities and supporting water, waste water and other utilities on the site.

Okotoks’ concern is that the site was neither planned or designed to accommodate an 1800 student high school; is situated within a planned industrial park; and there is currently no land use planning framework or comprehensive master plan regarding this type of infrastructure.

At the March 23, 2015 meeting, Council resolved that prior to commencement of detailed design and construction plans for a future school on these lands, the Town will work with the MD of Foothills to develop terms of reference for planning consulting services to undertake a 20-year site and facilities master plan for the Legacy Field House lands. The consulting service would include evaluating the compatibility and suitability of the site to accommodate the proposed additional use, capacity of the existing recreation facilities to accommodate the student numbers, water supply, waste water utilities and stormwater management, local and regional transportation network and functional designs. Funding for this work would be shared 50/50 by the MD of Foothills and the Town of Okotoks.

Okotoks Town Council plans to continue conversations started in 2012 with the Foothills School Division regarding site planning for a new high school within the Town of Okotoks. Council has also advised the Foothills School Division that it is premature to commission detailed architectural plans until a site has been confirmed by all parties.

(Town of Okotoks)