A Very Strong Opinion from Tom at Street Smart Counselling

…….hope I don’t get sued!

This is Tom. Two things I have for you.

1. One last spur of the moment parenting tip.

As some of you well know already I am currently involved in a large camp out with activities for young guys to come with their fathers, uncles, grandfathers etc….. You are of course invited.

This activity is going well and offers tremendous value that the boys keep talking about throughout the year, and start to beg their parents to let them go when the next year comes around.

This event is an organized wilderness experience. It is far more ambitious and assertive than just boy scouts, it advocates masculinity.

I have had one parent who confirmed with one of their friends that they find the advertising for the event uncomfortable, and they think it calls young guys “boys” too much. They figured older men shouldn’t be talking about taking younger boys out camping, and that emphasizing role modeling “how to be a man” and “bonding” seems almost inappropriate. Given the modern day concerns with predators on young children. They figured we should use the words “kids”, and only mention it a couple of times.

Fascinating, fascinating. That members of our culture have evolved to the point where it is now wrong to identify as a boy or girl, and inappropriate to focus on teaching them their gender identification with any kind of purpose.
How wrong has it become for a boy to be a boy? Or a man to be a man? Is that wrong for us to define people, have we become so wishy washy now in fear of offending someone that saying anything specific is now taboo?

The same goes for girls and becoming a woman. The feminine does actually exist, and when it is understood and embraced by a female she can grow in personal power.

I firmly believe this “liberalization” of our society has turned permissiveness into a plague that has made North America a place where it’s wrong to take a stand for anything, and it sure is showing up in our culture and our young people which are exceedingly falling apart and unemployable.

Parenting lesson:

Humans absolutely need to form an identity for themselves. This is done during youth, and can be bolstered during adult hood.

It is no secret in the field of psychology what happens when people cannot form an identity.


Nevermind the inherent biological need for a family to base ones identity off of, but this next statement is also very true.

1. A boy needs to feel like a boy, needs to identify as a boy, and know how to express himself as a boy, and one day be prepared to be a man.

2. A girl needs to feel like a girl, needs to identify as a girl, and know how to express herself as a girl, and one day be prepared to be a woman.

3. Adults need to be preparing youth for every aspect of life. Teaching them skills on “how to be” “how to think” “how to feel” are the primary function of adult members in our society to the younger members.

Nothing about this event is WRONG! What’s wrong is that people think it’s wrong. This is literally why my counselling service exists is because of the wave of “permissiveness” AND “political correctness insanity” that has overswept our society.

How does this relate to DRUGS?

What do you think young people are going to turn to when they don’t know who they are inside and feel stressed about it?

Another thing for people who identify themselves with being gay.

1. Gay young people need to identify themselves with being gay. Not knowing who you are inside and having everyone tell you something different than how you feel can tear a person up. That youth needs to have an adult who literally understand what he/she is going through and role model for them too!!!


1. Provide your child a family and behave like one. Single parents can do this.

2. Find out who your child is inside, and teach them how to be that person (boy, girl, gay, scientist, athlete, bookworm,……figure it out and teach that young person how to be that person)

Wishy washy is the enemy of GOOD PARENTING!

Second Note.

This camp out is ideal for:

Boys 8-19, particularly adolescents.

I want you to phone me, or email, so I can talk to you if you are interested.

Tom: 403-391-4184 or tom@streetsmartcounselling.com.You are invited!!!!

NOTE: Tom is a public speaker and parenting coach for parents of troubled children. Check out his website.