Strengthening Democracy in Alberta

Strengthening Democracy in Alberta

In order to get a fair deal for Albertans, Bill 26, the Constitutional Referendum Amendment Act, would allow the government to seek Albertans’ guidance on initiatives beyond constitutional matters.

Referendums enhance democracy by consulting Albertans on issues of importance. As the Fair Deal Panel recommended, Albertans want a real and direct say on laws and issues that affect them to best meet their current and future needs.

“Albertans continue to tell us that they want a greater say in the politics in this province – and that is what we’re doing. This legislation will help us strengthen democracy and increase accountability, giving Albertans a louder voice and a direct impact on the actions of government.”Jason Kenney, Premier

“The Fair Deal Panel was clear – Albertans want a more direct say on important matters. Expanding what referendums can be held on would give Albertans the opportunity to have their say on matters that affect both their daily lives and the future of our province.”Doug Schweitzer, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

Referendums could be held on a number of government-led initiatives or matters of public interest before they are implemented, including the recommendations of the Fair Deal Panel. Referendums could be held alongside a provincial or municipal election, or be held separately or by mail-in ballot.

Government also introduced Bill 27, the Alberta Senate Election Amendment Act. If passed, this bill would make minor wording and housekeeping changes, as well as give the Minister of Municipal Affairs the same directive-making powers they have in municipal elections when a Senate election is held in conjunction with a municipal election.

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