Street Smart Counselling: What Are Alternative Strategies?

Alternative strategies are any strategy that iscontrary to mainstream thought.  This does not always mean magic herbs and spices either. No matter what the problem is there is the mainstream way of doing things, and then there is the alternative way. Even in conventional medicine there are doctors who stand out from the masses with their approach to solving a problem. Then there are doctors who follow a procedure without using any realaptitude or creativity.

There are many doctors out there who have found new medical discoveries and suddenly have a patient standing in front of them who is healed and doing well.  When they try to share it with the rest of the medical community few people listen,because it doesn’t suit their current reality. The mainstream people live in a box, the alternative people are exploring outside the box looking for something new and creative.

I am outside that box, and I have found out how to recover from drug addiction, drug dealing,crime and mental illness.  I have also found how parents can make that difference in their children.  I don’t need to be a psychiatrist or a chemist either. I just needed to go through it myself and watch hundreds of other people go through it as well. Let me be clear that I have not invented anything. I have observed what worksand then lived it. My focus is doing a good job of explaining that to others so they can take immediate action and get results for themselves as well.

You simply don’t hear medical staff talk like this. They will always point at a raw factual part of the body or brain that is not working well, and say that’s your problem. For example, if your toes are cold you must have a toe problem. If you have stomach aches, you must have a stomach problem. If they can’t touch it with their stethoscope it must not exist. Anything that strays from that mentality and they will point to their degree on the wall to back themselves up or worse they say that if other strategies were working wouldn’t they know about it? Or provide it in the hospital? I say “no theywould not”, they wouldn’t know about it at all. These people do not like what is”alternative” to what they have been taught, or alternative to what the masses are doing.

Here is my list of alternative strategies in order of importance:

1. Knowledge And Perspective-

1. Why don’t we find a completely different way of understanding your problem. There are different angles, different causes, different action steps. There is always a big picture that you are missing if you are still suffering. You must fully understand that big picture from the perspective of healing and solutions.    Example:

1. Kids have behavioural issues, they have a “kid problem”.  Actually, kids react to their parents, the parents need to know how to act so their kid can react to them healthily. This means the parent needs an education, that means the kid has a “Parenting problem”.

2. People have drug addictions.  The drug is the problem. Actually it’s not, something else is, work on that something else and the drug use goes away. Do not focus on drugs and alcohol to get people off drugs and alcohol. Drinking covers up a symptom, get rid of drinking and the alcoholic has two swim in his symptoms. Getting an alcoholic to quit the act of drinking will make his life worse, getting him to not require drinking is the answer. The act of drinking is a minor detail that will melt away as a side effect of true healing.

2. Attitude- 

1. What holds back the mentally ill and addicted the most are theirattitudes. The same goes for a parent trying to help their kid. Have you ever met someone with a broken ankle who suddenly can’t do anything for themselves? That’s an attitude problem. Then there are people who live in wheel chairs and play sports, get careers, have dating lives, and raise families. That’s an attitude success. The same goes for addictions and mental health. People conquer addictions and mental illness all the time, they at least lead successful lives. These areattitude successes. This attitude allows them to pursue solutions instead of giving up, and helps them accommodate the circumstances their illness gives them. My second priority is to enlighten my clients on their attitude and motivate them to change it. Motivate them to understand ambition and optimism from another perspective. There are reasons some people make it to the Olympics, and many don’t. It is not because they are smarter, stronger, taller, or luckier either. People make it to the Olympics all the time, and people recover from addictions and mental illness all the time. The reason why is because they try like hell, are open to listening, don’t beat themselves up, and understand the basic principles to successful thinking.

3. Alternative Therapies- This is what most people think they should be after first but it is third on my list. Here are some examples:

1. MEDITATION, yoga, nutritional therapy, orthomolecular psychiatry, exercise, philosophy and spirituality, hypnosis, chiropractic, MEDITATION, brain exercises, spiritual retreats, energy chakras, EFT, lifestyle changes, special diets, cleanses, 12 step programs, behavioural cognitive change, NLP, affirmations, stress reduction techniques, motivation seminars and retreats, subconscious mind therapies, acupuncture, bowen technique, ortho-bionomy, naturopath doctors, homeopathy.

2. Responsible use of medication-  The absolute minimal use of medication by replacing its need with alternative strategies.  The ultimate goal is to remove medication wherever possible.  This is contrary to mainstream medical practice.

Call to action-   If you still have suffering from a problem, then you have to do these things:

  1. Stop trying to be an expert on your own problems. You don’t know jack……! If you did, you wouldn’t have your problem.
  2. Stop trying new therapies.  That is not your problem.
  3. Start with “knowledge and perspective”.  Find someone else to help you look at the problem through different eyes, and acquire some different knowledge. It should be completely different knowledge, ideas and perspectives you could not imagine.   Find a new “big picture”.
  4. Then have someone else help you with your attitude.  Personal growth seminars, motivational speakers, life coaches, inspirational movies are really good at this.
  5. Then try some different therapies.  Get curious, become Sherlock Holmes and discover all that is out there.  Go to this website   You should spend 3 hours minimum researching therapies (3 hours per therapy type). This is for physical illnesses and mental illnesses.
  6. For a comprehensive attack plan, call me. I am unmatched at helping people find logical ways to approach these types of situations.

The mainstream solutions (doctors, post secondary education, government mental health) are tools to be used at your disposal, not as a singular solution.  I teach parents how to approach the problem, how to understand it, then what to do about it.   What I teach is everything that the mainstream cannot tell you, that is why it is alternative.  If you want an action plan so you can do your job as a parent, I can provide you with one.

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