Strankman Statement on WTO Meat Labelling Decision


DRUMHELLER, AB (May 19, 2015): Today, Wildrose Agriculture Shadow Minister Rick Strankman released the following statement on the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) decision against US Country of Origin meat labelling legislation.

“I welcome the positive news that the WTO has ruled against this regressive meat labelling legislation that has severely hurt Alberta’s export beef industry. These misguided, protectionist rules don’t serve the interests of American consumers or Albertan producers in any way.

“Alberta produces some of the best meats and grains in the entire world, and I’m proud to stand with our farmers and ranchers in their fight to open and expand markets for their products. I hope Premier-designate Rachel Notley will make the expansion of agricultural export markets a key priority in her mandate letter to a new Agriculture Minister.

“Wildrose believes strongly in developing new markets and exporting our products to those new markets.”