STIX Hockey Academy awards second annual scholarship at Drillers Ball

On Thursday, June 18, 2015, Oilfields High School held their annual Drillers Ball, which is a celebration of athletic achievement. It honours the athletic achievements of the students that played on an Oilfields High School sports team throughout the year. Leigh Bretzlaff, an Oilfields teacher and coach, says “Many of our athletes play on a number of different sports teams throughout the year which helps to contribute to the success of our athletic programs at OHS.”  Oilfields has 22 teams from Grade 7 – 12 with roughly 150 athletes in the school that play at least one sport.

For teachers, it’s a night to celebrate team and individual success of the athletes at Oilfields High School.

For athletes, it’s a night to celebrate with friends and teammates and to be part of the Driller spirit.

In addition to the certificates and awards presented to the athletes, there were several gifts of appreciation given back to the coaches from the athletes themselves.

A newer highlight to this annual celebration is the presentation of the STIX Hockey Academy Scholarship. This year being the second annual presentation of this $2,000 STIX Scholarship, which has the following criteria:

Awarded to a graduating student athlete who has achieved his or her goal of post-secondary education through sheer determination, perseverance and resiliency.

This year’s recipient was Tommy Blower. Tommy is excited to be heading to the University of Lethbridge in September to pursue Pre-Engineering. During high school Tommy played volleyball at Oilfields and also participated in community soccer and hockey in Millarville and he plans to participate in the University Intramurals. When asked how he felt about receiving the STIX scholarship, Tommy said “I’m honoured, I didn’t see it coming at all.” He then turned and thanked Jeff Ovens once again.

Regarding Tommy as an athlete, student and outstanding individual, here’s what Leigh Bretzlaff had to say:

“Tommy has played on our Boys Volleyball team for the past 4 years. He is a quiet and reserved young man who is willing to do whatever the team needs in order to succeed. He is the consummate team player as he congratulates people when they do well, and encourages people when they need to be built up. At all games and practices he is on time, prepared and dedicated to play his best no matter what role he has to play. Tommy is a modest young man who strives to improve with each practice or game he is involved with. He represents what it means to be a DRILLER – Dedication, Respect, Integrity, Learning, Leadership, Excellence and Responsibility. Most importantly though, Tommy is a great kid with amazing values. He is a role model for all student athletes at Oilfields High School.”

STIX Scholarship 2015

Presenting the scholarship is Jeff Ovens, the President and Founder of STIX Hockey Academy which first started with a one week camp in Black Diamond during the summer of 2011. STIXs has since grown to include several different camps including the STIX Summer Day Camps, STIX Spring Programs and STIX Collegiate Exposure. You can find more information about the STIX programs at:

Jeff Ovens is currently the coordinator for STIX Hockey Academy Spring Programs and STIX Hockey Academy Summer Camps. Jeff played Minor Hockey in Toronto, Ontario and went on to play 5 years for Queen’s University in the CIS. In addition to his involvement in STIX, Jeff worked as the Player Development Coach of the Medicine Hat Tigers from 2010-2014.

“In my case it’s an honour to give back,” Jeff said, “to see these inspirational young people strive to do something great with their lives. It’s not an award for the best athlete, it’s an award for the best person and the person that really has gone above and beyond to try to achieve their dreams even through obstacles and the hardships and learn the lessons of determination, perseverance and resiliency. From what I’ve heard, and knowing Tommy, he is a very deserving recipient. I know that Tommy has the skills to be able to succeed as a student athlete at the post-secondary level.”

To Tommy, Jeff said “Enjoy it, it’s the best time of your life. Get involved with as much as you possibly can, keep busy, play intramurals, join clubs – you’ll meet a lot of amazing people that will be your best friends for the rest of your life.”

Please enjoy the follow gallery of photographs from the Driller Ball celebration. Click on a photo to enlarge it, then right click to save copy for your personal use.