Stephen Mandel on his Leadership Win of the Alberta Party

I’m honoured and humbled to be (the) new party leader.

As someone who believes deeply in the power of public service, I’m proud of the work being done by our small but mighty party and I look forward to leading those important efforts. In a world of increasing uncertainty, where more people are turning inward and becoming disillusioned with politics – the Alberta Party is growing by leaps and bounds.

And make no mistake – this is just the beginning!

I’m confident our leadership race has been a watershed moment for the Alberta Party. Together, we showed Albertans there is a better, more positive and constructive way to do politics in our province.

Thank you to Kara Levis and Rick Fraser for their excellent campaigns. Both are incredible Albertans who are passionate about building a stronger, forward-thinking province. I look forward to working with both of them as we continue to grow our party in every corner of the province.

I also want to thank Greg Clark. Your service and leadership to the Alberta Party over the past five years has been inspirational.

Lastly, we all owe a deep debt of gratitude to the Alberta Party provincial board, Leadership Election Committee and the countless party volunteers across the province who helped run our successful leadership race. From the debates to the meet and greets, our party was able to spread the word about our welcoming, principled and pragmatic political movement from Grande Prairie to Medicine Hat and every community in between.

So, what’s next?

What struck me most during the campaign was how anxious and frustrated many Albertans feel about politics and our province’s future.

People’s lives are more hectic than ever — and the current political landscape offers them very little comfort.

Name calling. Division. Playing politics with our energy industry and our economy — and with people’s lives.
There seems to be lots of effort being spent on telling Albertans how awful the other side is, and little time spent on actually addressing the serious challenges we face as a province.
Albertans deserve better.
We deserve a government that cares about creating shared prosperity and an economy that leaves no one behind.
We deserve a government that cares about the health and wellness of their citizens and the vitality of their communities.
We deserve a government that cares about being open and adaptive in meeting the challenges of both today and tomorrow.
And we deserve a government that can balance a cheque book.
I believe strongly our party has the energy, ideas and people to earn the trust of Albertans in every single community across the province and be the first choice for government in the 2019 election.

We must significantly ramp up our efforts in fundraising, candidate recruitment, and most importantly building strong constituency associations in all 87 ridings.

By confidently standing at the centre, the road ahead is bright.


Stephen Mandel
Alberta Party Leader