Stephen Mandel AHS Appointment

Former Alberta Party leader Stephen Mandel has been appointed to the Alberta Health Services board.

This is good news. It highlights the commitment of our members to build a better Alberta through public service.

Mr. Mandel has long been an advocate for more efficient healthcare delivery and better outcomes.  Anyone who has talked to Stephen about health care in our province has seen how passionate he is about making it the best system it can be for all Albertans. In his time as health minister, he initiated a major reform and restructuring intended to increase the efficiency of service delivery.

By accepting the appointment to the Alberta Health Services board he continues to show his dedication to public service. Mr. Mandel will be a passionate, practical and pragmatic voice for all Albertans.

I think it is important that between elections, our members, board members, and former candidates work with any government to encourage pragmatic approaches that will benefit all Albertans. This is a great example of other parties recognizing the value of what the Alberta Party people and our approach brings to the table.

At the core of the Alberta Party’s beliefs is the importance of public service. Pundits and social media click-bait will spin this a thousand ways, but this is about one thing and one thing only – providing the best care to all Albertans, regardless of partisan affiliation.

We congratulate Stephen on the appointment and look forward to the impact he and his fellow board members from across the political spectrum will bring to Alberta Health Services.

We also thank Stephen for his decades of public service, not only for what he did for our Party, but for what he has done – and continues to do – for all Albertans.

Conrad Guay
Alberta Party President