Staying Within the Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines: its Easier than you’d Think

Staying Within the Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines: its Easier than you’d Think


header-know-your-limitsAwareness campaign encourages young adult Albertans to think about responsible drinking

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) is launching an awareness campaign on responsible drinking among young adult Albertans.

The goal of the Enjoy Responsibly campaign is to inform and educate young adults as to what and how much it means to drink in moderation and help them make responsible decisions by promoting Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines.

“This campaign is another example of our commitment to social responsibility.  We are promoting a culture of moderation and ensuring young Albertans have the information they need to make responsible drinking choices. The tie-in to Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines provides a valuable opportunity to create greater awareness for both genders on how to enjoy responsibly without long-term health effects.”

Bill Robinson, President and CEO, Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission

The campaign, which runs from February 22 to March 20, 2016, features Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines with the statement “Easier than you’d think” and depicts environments where young adults enjoy consuming alcohol.

In addition, the campaign will be featured in indoor ads at bars and campuses across Alberta, digital ads, social media and select movie theatres.  A campaign website,, will feature three small online contests to encourage participants to test their knowledge about the guidelines with an opportunity to enter into a draw for tickets to a professional hockey game, a music festival or dine at a restaurant.

Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines were developed by a team of independent Canadian and international experts in partnership with the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse. All provinces and territories, including Alberta, have endorsed the guidelines. The Guidelines recommend no more than two drinks a day or 10 per week for women, and three drinks a day or 15 per week for men, with an extra drink allowed on special occasions

For more information about the Enjoy Responsibly campaign, visit  More information about Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines and reducing immediate and long-term alcohol-related harm can be found at

The AGLC is committed to providing safe and responsible liquor consumption and service for adult Albertans. The AGLC also supports provincial efforts to reduce alcohol-related harm, with a goal to enable Albertans to make positive choices for themselves and enjoy consuming alcohol in a responsible way.