Status of Cannabis Laws in Canada


Current status of cannabis laws

Possessing and selling cannabis for non-medical purposes is still illegal everywhere in Canada and until new legislation and new rules are in place, current laws remain inforce and should be obeyed.

The Government of Canada’s commitment to change cannabis laws

  • Legalize, strictly regulate and restrict access to cannabis in a careful and orderly way
  • Restrict access of cannabis for youth
  • Stop criminals from profiting from illicit drug trade
  • Create a process that will look at legalizing and strictly regulating cannabis for non-medical purposes

When is legalization and strict regulation of cannabis going to happen?

It’s a serious, complex matter and will take time. A Task Force engaged with provinces, territories, key stakeholders and other Canadians to inform the design of a system of strict cannabis production, distribution and sales.

In the spring of 2017, the Government of Canada will propose to Parliament and Canadians a new legislative framework for the legalization of cannabis .

Why is the federal government looking to legalize and regulate access to cannabis ?

There are real public health and safety risks associated with cannabis use, including how it affects the way young people develop.

A system of strict production, distribution and sales of cannabis would:

  • Better protect health and enhance public safety;
  • Make it less profitable for illicit drug dealers and growers;
  • Make it less accessible to young people.