Statement on Wildrose Caucus’ Steps to Lift the Suspension for MLA Fildebrandt

EDMONTON, AB (May 30, 2016): Today, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean released the following statement after the Wildrose Caucus decided on steps which would allow MLA Derek Fildebrandt to have his suspension lifted.

“Derek remains an important member of our conservative family and has accepted the Wildrose Caucus’ suspension.

“We believe that Derek recognizes that he has had a long series of missteps on social media. His latest comments on Friday night unfortunately conveyed a sentiment that is inconsistent with the values of our caucus, and frankly, inconsistent with Derek’s values.

“I made it clear when I took over the leadership of Wildrose there would be no tolerance for these type of comments and that there would be significant consequences for even inadvertent mistakes regarding intolerance of any individual.

“Since Friday night, Derek has apologized to Albertans on this issue, and I thank him for that apology. We know that it is a mistake that he deeply regrets and we know that it in no way reflects his personal values. Members of our Caucus and Caucus leadership have informed Derek of commitments needed to have the suspension lifted. His agreement to those changes would allow Caucus to lift the suspension in the very near future.”