Statement from United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney: Former MLA Don MacIntyre

EDMONTON, AB (February 9, 2018): United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney today has issued the following statement regarding former MLA Don MacIntyre:

“I was shocked and disgusted to learn of the serious criminal charges filed against former MLA Don MacIntyre.  There are few crimes more vile than sexual crimes against children, and those found guilty of it deserve to endure the most severe legal consequences possible.

“I commend the RCMP for their investigation of these alleged crimes. We must now respect the legal system as these charges are brought to trial, while hoping that justice will be done.

“Our thoughts at this time are with the victim, who I hope will have strength and courage in the months and years ahead.

“Don MacIntyre telephoned our House Leader at noon on Friday, February 2nd to inform him that he was resigning from the Legislature following charges being laid against him by the RCMP for sexual assault. This was the first time that we learned of such allegations against him.

“Mr. MacIntyre also told our House Leader that the charges were subject to a Court-ordered publication ban. We immediately contacted legal counsel to confirm if there was a publication ban, and to seek advice on whether we could disclose the charges against him. The Crown Prosecutors’ Office and Clerk of the Provincial Court confirmed to our legal counsel that a publication ban had been issued, and that it prohibited any publication of the charges or the name of the accused. Accordingly, our legal counsel advised us that we would be in breach of the court-ordered publication ban were we to disclose or discuss the charges against Mr. MacIntyre.

“Recognizing that the very serious charges facing Mr. MacIntyre were a matter of public interest, I instructed our counsel to support an application to lift the publication ban regarding his name. Today at approximately 10:30 am, the publication ban on his name was lifted by Mr. Justice Poelman of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench.”