Statement from Minister of Justice and Solicitor General on the Auditor General’s Special Report

August 07, 2014 – “Today I have forwarded the Auditor General’s report to the RCMP for their review and any investigation they feel appropriate.

“On Monday, August 4, 2014, I recommended to Premier Dave Hancock that this report should be forwarded to the RCMP for their review and any investigations that they consider appropriate

“As Attorney General, I have a duty to uphold the laws of Alberta and ensure everyone is treated fairly and equitably. I have instructed Tim Grant, Deputy Minister, Justice and Solicitor General, to forward the report and its attachments to the RCMP. Any investigation that the RCMP does will be fully independent of my office and, as such, I will have no further comment on the matter.

“Should the RCMP require legal advice on its investigation, I have arranged for prosecutors with the Ontario Attorney Generals’ Office to exclusively work on this matter. This will further ensure a fully independent investigation and remove any perception of conflict of interest.”