Statement from Jean on Quebec’s Hypocrisy

Statement from Jean on Quebec’s Hypocrisy

LEDUC, AB:  United Conservative leadership candidate Brian Jean released the following statement:

“It is entirely hypocritical for Premier Couillard of Quebec to call for national solidarity on the issue of heavily subsidized Bombardier that has cost taxpayers billions of dollars in corporate handouts while his province stands opposed to privately funded projects of national importance like the Energy East pipeline.

“Much like the aircraft produced by Bombardier, pipelines are simply a method of transport. But unlike Bombardier’s aircraft, pipelines are a low emission method of transport and don’t cost taxpayers a dime to build.

“If the Premier of Quebec wants a sympathetic ear on issues on international trade, he should be leading the charge on eliminating barriers to interprovincial trade first.

“Albertans need leaders willing to stand up for our province against the hypocrisy of eastern politicians, both provincial and federal. If I’m granted the honour of serving as Premier, Albertans can be assured they’ll have someone ready to fight for their interests both at home and abroad.”