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Statement from the Honorable Carolyn Bennett and Parliamentary Secretary Yvonne Jones to mark International Women’s Day

Ottawa, Ontario (March 8, 2016 ) — The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs and Parliamentary Secretary Yvonne Jones, issued the following statement on the occasion of International Women’s Day:

“March 8th is the day when we celebrate the struggles and victories of women and girls in our society. It is also a time to look back on the efforts and achievements of our grandmothers, mothers and sisters that have brought us ever closer to equality between women and men.

This year’s theme is Women’s Empowerment Leads to Equality. Today we had the pleasure of visiting the exhibition entitled MamawoPayiwak: They Gather Together in One Place. The exhibition of artworks by Indigenous women artists were selected from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada’s celebrated Aboriginal Art Collection which turns 50 this year.  The exhibit is a testament to the power of women and their vitally important role in representing and expressing their art and life experiences to inform, educate and move others.

Equality also means a life free of violence. And this is why our government is committed to taking action to find concrete solutions for eradicating violence against Indigenous women and girls. The launch of the National Inquiry Into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls is an important step towards ending this national tragedy. We would like to thank all of the survivors, family members and loved ones of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls who have participated in the pre-engagement sessions for their courage, determination and resilience. Together, we are working towards a world without violence where we will all be equal.”

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