Statement from Premier Notley on Keystone XL

Premier Rachel Notley issued the following statement on the U.S. decision regarding the proposed Keystone XL pipeline:

“Though I am not surprised by the news coming from the White House this morning, as we have anticipated this announcement for some time, I am disappointed by the way the U.S. government chose to characterize our energy exports.

“The decision today underlines the need to improve our environmental record and reputation so that we can achieve our goal of building Canada’s energy infrastructure, including pipelines to new markets.

“This highlights that we need to do a better job and that’s why I’m so pleased about the work that is ongoing towards a new climate change plan for Alberta. We’re working hard with stakeholders and we intend to act decisively to increase the likelihood of getting our product to tidewater.

“I spoke with Prime Minister Trudeau this morning about building this infrastructure, which should continue to be a national priority. I reinforced that both the Alberta and Canadian economies need infrastructure that get Alberta’s energy resources to tidewater, and he agreed that we need to work collaboratively.

“Canada can be a global source of environmentally responsible energy through better environmental policies, and Alberta will act to help make that happen in partnership with Canada’s new federal government.

“And then we hope that future energy infrastructure projects will be debated on their own merits.

“Canada currently exports over three million barrels a day to the U.S., and those exports will continue. Our trading relationship with the United States is of fundamental importance to Alberta, and we will work to build on it.

“Alberta’s energy industry is important to families here and across the country and I will work hard every day to support its sustainability.”