Statement from PC Alberta Leader Jim Prentice


This morning, the court has made a decision on a matter of a family dispute between Mr. Jonathan Denis and Ms. Breanna Palmer.

A marriage breakdown is a tragic circumstance for all involved. And that is what this remains, a matrimonial dispute that continues to be extremely difficult for both of these people.

I first became aware of this matter on the morning of April 13, when my wife Karen made me aware of a Facebook message she had received from Breanna Palmer regarding issues in her marriage.

I was advised that the matter was a matrimonial dispute between Mr. Denis and Ms. Palmer.

On the morning of April 25, I became aware that Ms. Palmer had sought and received an emergency protection order.

I immediately asked Mr. Denis to resign as Minister of Justice and Solicitor General given he was now involved with the courts.

Neither I, nor my wife have had any contact with Mr. Denis or Ms. Palmer on these matters since.

I waited to express my position because, as Premier, I cannot be seen to make any comment on or around a matter that is before the courts. However, this matter is now complete and the publication ban has been lifted.

I will not comment further on these very personal matters.