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Statement from MP for Lakeland Shannon Stubbs: Alberta Environmental Stewardship

Shannon Stubbs – Member of Parliament for Lakeland, rose in the house (Mon, March 9) to make a statement concerning Alberta’s track record on the environment.

Stubbs read a shortlist of historical facts in terms of Alberta as a first mover on environmental stewardship and legislation in Canada. Alberta earns the first place in Canadian, North American, and world history as an environmental trailblazer in partnership with innovators in the private sector.

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Mr. Speaker,

Alberta has always been a leader on environmental innovation and stewardship.

In Canada, Alberta has the most environmentally protected heritage sites.

And is the first to have;

An environment minister – almost 5 decades ago.

The largest connected greenspace – since the 70’s

A commercial wind farm – for nearly 3 decades.

And has the largest approved solar farm.

Alberta leads North America;

With the FIRST and only renewable LRT system – for nearly a decade.

And the FIRST to pass climate change laws, to report and set emissions reduction targets, and levy heavy emitters – 15 years ago!

And globally, Alberta;

Is the FIRST to turn garbage in to bio-fuels

Has the LARGEST carbon capture project

And produces the most environmentally and socially responsible oil and gas – on the planet.

And that’s just a snapshot. Albertans are environmental trail blazers.

Free enterprise and the private sector helps lead that charge.

And that’s why a strong Alberta means a strong Canada!

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