Statement from Minister Gray on National Day of Mourning

Statement from Minister Gray on National Day of Mourning

Labour Minister Christina Gray released the following statement regarding National Day of Mourning, a day honouring the workers who have lost their lives or suffered injury or illness in work-related incidents in 2015.

“Last year, there were 125 fatalities in Alberta, according to the Workers’ Compensation Board, and many more work-related injuries.

“Today, on National Day of Mourning, we remember those we lost and think of those left behind. A single death touches so many lives, leaving families grieving for loved ones, and friends, co-workers and communities heartbroken.

“We also think of those who were injured or suffered a disability as a result of a workplace incident. These cases can permanently alter lives, and what makes them doubly tragic is that so many injuries are preventable

“Every worker has the right to a safe, fair workplace and to come home safely at the end of the day. I believe employers, workers, labour groups, industry organizations and government all have a responsibility to make that happen.

“The Alberta government is working to improve health and safety on all jobsites. We will continue to make sure employers are taking all necessary precautions to keep workers safe.

“I encourage all Albertans to make an even stronger commitment to supporting one another, so at the end of our workdays we can all get home safely to our loved ones.”