Statement by Senator Doug Black on the Senate Audit


Ottawa – Two years ago the Auditor General was invited by the Senate to do an exhaustive review of Senator’s expenses. This alone is a sign of the highest level of transparency on behalf of the Senate. I want to thank the Auditor General and his office for their exhaustive review.

As an elected-Senator from Alberta, I have made it a priority from day one as a Senator to be a leader on transparency and accountability. I’m pleased that I was the first Senator to publish a quarterly detailed summary of my expenses on my website. I have always maintained strict internal practices in my office to ensure expenses are incurred properly and with a view to serving the public interest.

The Auditor General, after conducting their review, found no issues whatsoever with my expenses or those of my office.

When I entered the Senate in 2013 I released a Seven Point Plan calling for increased accountability and transparency in the Senate by tightening proof of residency requirements, clearly defining “Senate business”, televising Senate proceedings, and increasing disclosure of detailed travel and hospitality expenses. I continue to believe that my plan, in conjunction with the Auditor General’s recommendations, can act as a roadmap on which the reform initiatives of the Senate can continue.