Star Party at Cameron Lake: Get Out Of This World!

Waterton Lakes National Park – Discover constellations, galaxies, nebulas and stars at Cameron Lake. Parks Canada and volunteer astronomers from Montana are pleased to present a star party on Friday, August 15 at 9:30 p.m.


Following our evening theatre programs at Crandell and Falls Theatres, drive up to Cameron Lake to enjoy the night sky. Bring a blanket or chair, warm clothes, and binoculars or spotting scope. In the case of poor weather or cloudy skies, the event will take place on Saturday August 16.

The Star Party supports current efforts to designate a Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park Dark Sky Preserve; committing both Waterton and Glacier to protect and preserve our parks’ dark skies. Join us as we inspire appreciation of our night skies.

Parks Canada is supporting Canada’s National Conservation Plan by taking concrete action to connect Canadians to nature. The ongoing work of Parks Canada and programs – like the Xplorers program, Learn-to Camp and special events and exciting new activities and programs across the country – are enhancing visitor experience and facilitating personal connections with Parks Canada places.

Quick Facts

· In Canada, Dark Sky Preserves are designated by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and are established to promote the visibility of the night skies, improve nocturnal habitat and reduce light pollution.
· Dark Sky Preserves support responsible lighting and encourage public awareness and education programs.
· The Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park was created in 1932, and was the world’s first Peace Park. In 1995, it was designated a World Heritage Site.


“Have you ever explored a national park at night? That is when the skies come alive! National Parks are key places where dark skies are maintained to inspire people now and into the future.” ~ Ifan Thomas, Waterton Lakes Field Unit Superintendent

“Sitting on the shore of Cameron Lake, marvelling at a black velvet sky scattered with stars will make you an instant night star fan.”Christy Gustavison, Parks Canada Lead, Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park Dark Sky Preserve

(Parks Canada)