Standing Up for Our Energy Exports

The Government of Alberta has filed a Notice of Intervention in British Columbia’s appeal to restrict the transportation of Alberta oil.

Alberta will make its case to the Supreme Court of Canada to uphold the British Columbia Court of Appeal’s clear and unanimous decision that ruled that the federal government has sole jurisdiction over interprovincial infrastructure projects.

“The B.C. Court of Appeal’s unanimous decision was clear. B.C. does not have constitutional authority to block cross-provincial projects in the national interest. Albertans have contributed massively to the federation through transfers that stem directly from the prosperity generated from Alberta’s responsible energy sector. It’s time that B.C. recognizes the clear and constitutionally sound jurisdiction of the federal government and ends its efforts to block Alberta’s resources from getting to market.”  Jason Kenney, Premier

The British Columbia Court of Appeal’s unanimous decision distinctly outlined the federal government’s clear jurisdictional authority. It is clear that B.C. was, in effect, trying to block Alberta oil from entering the province through the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, and then for export.    

“Alberta will always stand up for the rule of law. The actions of the British Columbia government not only target Alberta’s economy by landlocking our energy resources, they undermine our recent attempts towards cooperative federalism and free trade within Canada. Albertans are proud of their contribution to Canada, and all they are asking for in return is to be treated fairly, and to be able to transport our energy products to market to drive the prosperity that benefits all of Canada.” Jason Kenney, Premier

Quick facts

  • The B.C. Court of Appeal released its decision on May 24, 2019.
  • The B.C. government filed its notice of appeal with the Supreme Court of Canada on June 14, 2019.

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