Standing Up For Albertans: Jean Launches Wildrose Campaign

WR-2014-Logo-Standing Up for Albertans-Green

CALGARY, AB (April 7, 2015): Today, candidates and supporters joined Wildrose Leader Brian Jean to kick off the 2015 campaign.  Under Jean’s leadership, the Wildrose is dedicated to standing up for Albertans against crippling tax increases brought forward by the Prentice PCs.

“The only way to stop taxes from going up is to vote Wildrose.  After 44 years in government, the same old entitled PCs under Jim Prentice no longer deserve a blank cheque,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “Across this province, we are building a strong team dedicated to standing up for Albertans.  Only the Wildrose has the track record to compete province-wide against the PCs and give Albertans a credible alternative.”

Over the campaign period, Jean and the Wildrose will release a positive vision for the province that rolls back PC tax increases, returns Alberta back to truly balanced budgets, fixes health care, strengthens accountability and restores jobs, growth and economic prosperity.

“Politics needs to be about people, earning their trust and standing up for them on the issues that matter to them most,” Jean said. “Government shouldn’t be about dollars spent, but people served. I can’t wait to meet with Albertans across the province and stand up for them to ensure we keep money in their pockets, and bring our province back to prosperity.”

On May 5, Albertans have an important choice to make: a vote for higher taxes, higher spending and less services, or a vote for the Wildrose – a party dedicated to no tax increases, and a positive vision for jobs, growth and prosperity.