Stampede Caravan – Where the Spirit Begins!


You are Invited to Breakfast

We put on 15 pancake breakfasts over 8 days of the Calgary Stampede. The breakfasts are hosted around the city at different locations and include a country band, pony rides, a petting zoo, and much more.

Stampede Caravan volunteers have been providing FREE breakfasts and western hospitality in Calgary and around the world since 1976. We take the Stampede into the community year round.

Find the Caravan Crew from 9 to 11am on the following days and these locations:

Sat. July 4 ~ Marlborough Mall & West Market Square

Mon. July 6 ~ North Hill Centre & CrossIron Mills

Tues. July 7 ~ Market Mall & Douglas Square

Wed. July 8 ~ Southcentre Mall & Dalhousie Station

Thurs. July 9 ~ Northland Village & Southland Leisure Centre

Fri. July 10 ~ Sunridge Mall & Genesis Centre

Sat. July 11 ~ Deer Valley Shopping Centre & Coventry Hills Centre

The Stampede Caravan will also help host the Family Day Breakfast in front of the Stampede Grandstand on July 5

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About the Caravan Committee:

• The Caravan Committee has over 160 volunteers that use their holiday time to volunteer for the Calgary Stampede

• The Caravan Committee has gone green, and using bio-degradable plates and utensils at all of their breakfasts.

• During Stampede week we will serve breakfast at two shopping malls per day to more than 100,000 guests, including Suncor Family Day in front of the Grandstand Stampede Park, we go through a lot of product over these eight days:

– We make 200,000 pancakes (that’s enough batter to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool!)

– We use 5 tons of pancake mix (5 tons is equivalent to the combined weight of a Smart   Car + a Chevrolet Corvette + a Cadillac Escalade)

– We grill 2 tons of sausage patties

– We serve 110,000 juice boxes, which is 22,000L of Orange Juice

– We pour 2,000 liters of maple syrup (Enough syrup to fill up a 7 person hot tub, with still 150 liters left over!)