Stable Footing for the Brotherhood of Mankind

IMG_3251The City of Calgary’s Public Art Program has been successfully working on a comprehensive conservation work for the Brotherhood of Mankind artwork, also known as the Family of Man.

The Brotherhood of Mankind artwork is one of the most prominent landmarks and tourist attractions in our city located outside the former Calgary Board of Education. It consists of ten 6.5 meter tall aluminum figures and has been in downtown Calgary since 1968.

Many factors including tough weather conditions may affect this outdoor artwork and cause potential structural damage. Therefore, an assessment of the external surface and structural integrity was conducted to preserve this captivating composition.

As part of that work, a public art conservator inspected the sculptures while City crews tested the ground underneath them. The examination proved that the figures are stable in the ground and in good condition. However, some maintenance work is required, and next month The City will be working on installing new pavers for the artwork.

IMG_3246“Given the fact that the Brotherhood of Mankind will soon celebrate its fiftieth anniversary in Calgary, it’s great that we are able to contribute to its continued presence and showcase this artwork that beautifies the downtown community,” says Joel Hidalgo, Construction Services Supervisor.

These conservation efforts will ensure that Calgarians and guests can enjoy the Brotherhood of Mankind artwork for many years to come.

The Brotherhood of Mankind was created by Mario Armengol, a well-known Spanish artist, to be displayed at the British Pavilion for the Montreal Expo in 1967. Composition was purchased by a Calgarian who donated it to The City. The statues have stood guard here ever since 1968 and survived numerous construction booms and area developments that have taken place in the downtown core over the years.

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