Spring and Summer Fun Starts in the Backyard

No matter what the season, Canadians love being outdoors. While Canadians will brave the elements year round, things are made a lot easier during the spring and summer months. The amount of warm weather activities are endless, however for many Canadians the best memories are of time spent with friends and family at the cottage or in the backyard. One of the necessities for any outdoor gathering is a powerful barbecue. The right grill and accessories can provide you and your guests with mouth-watering meats, pizzas, vegetables and more. Here are some things to look for when searching for your next grill:

Cooking Grids: Look for a grill with heavy cast iron or stainless steel cooking grids. Thick tightly spaced rods provide superior heat retention that delivers searing heat across the entire grilling surface.

Vaporization: Food drippings that are allowed to drop through to the grease tray are simply lost flavour. When you are shopping for a grill look for a vaporizing system that fully covers the cook box. This allows vaporization to occur everywhere, maximizing the flavour of your food.

The Burner System: The burner system is one of the most important features in any grill. If you already own a grill, you know that nothing is more frustrating that doing the grill dance – rotating your food around the grill because of uneven heat distribution. Look for a grill with multiple burners and flame ports on both sides for the best coverage. An important tip to note with tube burners is gas has a natural tendency to pool at the front. Make sure you look for a burner with Dual-Tube design like in Broil King grills. This is engineered to ensure even flame from front to back. For peace of mind consider a grill with a burner warranty of at least 10 years.

If you are selecting a grill for the cottage, make sure to also purchase a cover to protect from inclement weather and animals. These are just a few helpful tips to keep in mind when you are looking for your next grill. Do your research, read consumer reviews, and ask the store’s customer service representatives any questions that you may have.

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