Sponsored Open Swims Coming to an End

HIGH RIVER, AB: The Town of High River would like to thank the High River District Health Care Foundation for their generosity in sponsoring open swims for the past six years and look forward to exploring new sponsorship opportunities with the Foundation in 2019.

“At the end of August, the sponsored open swim time that is currently offered on Saturday afternoons between 1 and 4 p.m. will be coming to an end,” says Lisa Reinders, Director of Community Services with the Town.

Prior to the start of 2018, the sponsored free swims were offered Sunday afternoons, adds Reinders.

“But, we hope it’s not the end of the sponsorship,” adds Reinders. “We’re working closely with the Foundation to find new opportunities and programs they can support.”

“Our mission is to provide the means for our donors to support health and wellness in our community,” says Michael Brown, Executive Director for the Foundation. “One way to do this is by getting behind programs that promote healthy and active living – like those offered through the Town’s parks and recreation division.”

Since 2012, the Foundation has invested over $75,000 towards programming that promotes wellness in the community.

“An active lifestyle is fundamental to keeping people healthy,” says Brown. “The Foundation views wellness promotion as good preventative medicine and we look for strategic investments that have a high impact in our community.”

Over the next few months, the Town and the Foundation will work together to identify the possibilities of new sponsorship opportunities that align with the values of the Foundation while also meeting the needs of the community when it comes to recreation programs.

In the meantime, residents can take advantage of other public swim times and community programs. For example, Toonie Tuesdays or the Community Access Program (CAP).

For more information on the Town’s recreation programs, please visit http://www.highriver.ca