Speech from the Throne a missed opportunity

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EDMONTON, AB – The NDs missed the opportunity to reassure Albertans about the economic stability of the province, says Alberta Party Opposition Leader Greg Clark.

“The NDs have absolutely no interest in a plan to get back to balance,” said Clark. “This is troubling and is certain to lead towards a credit rating downgrade.

“At this point the government cannot continue to blame the PCs for their current economic situation,” said Clark. “I am concerned about their inability to actually rein in spending, and this is the reality that their choices have led us to. The NDs need to recognize that and correct course immediately.”

Clark was concerned not only about what was in the Speech from the Throne, but what was lacking.

“I saw no mention of Post-Secondary Education. No mentions of reforming healthcare or human services, and no mention of how to improve our education system. This was alongside no real plan to help with diversification and job creation.”

“The NDs first bill shows they are continuing to pick winners and losers through a variety of spending mechanisms, rather than stimulating growth and investments through cuts to small business tax, or an investor tax credit.

“It is very clear that the NDs will only continue on their crash course towards further economic crisis. We need to see a plan to return to balance, and it needs to happen soon.”