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Southern Alberta Flood Anniversary: Minister Statement

Municipal Affairs Minister Danielle Larivee issued the following statement (yesterday) to mark the third anniversary of 2013 Alberta floods:

“This Monday, June 20 marks the third anniversary of the southern Alberta floods. While three years have passed, this is a significant day that symbolizes a time that forever changed our province.

“Three years ago, a Provincial State of Emergency was declared for the first time in Alberta history, alongside 30 states of local emergency. As rain fell and flood waters raged, five lives were lost and approximately 100,000 Albertans were displaced from their homes. These floods destroyed about 14,500 homes and 1,600 businesses, as well as parks, highways and schools.

“Three years on, our government continues to support the communities and people affected by the 2013 southern Alberta floods. To date, we’ve provided more than $145 million in Disaster Recovery Program funding to help Albertans rebuild.

“In High River, one of the communities most affected in this disaster, we’ve provided more than $68 million to help residents rebuild. In addition, we have provided more than $350 million to help High River with its long-term municipal projects.

“Our government has also made great progress building a more efficient and effective Disaster Recovery Program to ensure Albertans have the help they need, when they need it.

“As someone who has lived through both flooding and forest fires in my hometown of Slave Lake, I know how difficult and emotionally challenging a disaster is.

“It’s one reason why I’m so committed to learning lessons from the 2013 flood in southern Alberta, and am committed to continuing to reform the program to better support Albertans in the future.

“Our province is no stranger to disasters. In the past few years, we’ve seen other disasters damage our communities, such as the recent Fort McMurray wildfire. While these disasters test our communities, they are no match for the resilient spirit and tenacity of Albertans.

“As we mark the anniversary today, I want to thank southern Albertans for your incredible bravery, compassion and commitment. You truly demonstrated what it is to be resilient and strong.

I also want to take this opportunity to honour all Albertans who have worked hard to help the people and the province recover from the floods.

“While more disasters challenge our province, we will continue to be defined by our character and the way we help each other in our greatest times of need.”

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