Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Streak-free Windows

Solutions & Substitutions by Reena: Streak-free Windows

By Reena Nerbas

Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit

Dear Reena,

Can you please tell me an easy trick (if such exists) for converting Celsius to Fahrenheit? Maryanna

Dear Maryanna,

The following is an easy trick that you can use, and calculate in your head; it is not 100% accurate but it is close. Take the temperature, multiply it by 2 and add 30. For example, if the temperature is 15 degrees Celsius, multiply it by 2 and add 30 to equal 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Desk Chair

Dear Reena,

What advice do you have for purchasing a desk chair? I don’t want to end up with back problems, but I am risk, because I have an office job. Marcus

Dear Marcus,

Depending on your budget, you can purchase a chair with many features. If you do not have the luxury of an adjustable chair, look for the following: Your feet should be flat on the floor when you sit comfortably. Your thighs should be horizontal and your arms, should be in line with the desk. Look for a chair with proper lumbar support so that you are not tempted to slouch as you work. Also, look for a chair with lots of padding so that you feel comfy all day long. Before you purchase your chair, consider a Yoga Balance Ball Chair, which is intended to: align your spine, relieve back pain and stiffness and boost energy.

Warming up Leftover Restaurant Pizza

Dear Reena,

What is the best way to warm up restaurant pizza so that it tastes as good as it did when it was fresh? Trudy

Dear Trudy,

While there is not just one way to heat up pizza, this is by far the most popular technique. Place pizza piece in a skillet, let it heat on medium until the cheese bubbles. Some people say that this technique results in pizza that tastes even better than when it was fresh.

Streak-free Windows

Dear Reena,

What is the best tip for cleaning windows, so that they don’t end up streaky? Mandy

Dear Mandy,

Spray the windows with vinegar, you can use 50/50 water and vinegar but, depending on your water, this may result in streaks. Wipe the windows with a good quality micro fiber cloth, and then dry the windows with 3 day old or older newspaper. Make sure that you clean your windows in the morning or evening when the sun is not too bright, as this will cause the solution to dry quickly, leaving you with streaks. Some people like to polish windows with cornstarch and water.

Stop Biting Your Nails!

Dear Reena,

Do you have any suggestions about how to stop myself from biting my nails? Esther

Dear Esther,

According to others who have struggled with nail biting, the most effective solution, other than wrapping each nail with tape is to polish nails with bitter nail polish. Buy yourself a fidget spinner or stress ball so that you keep your hands busy. Keep your nails trimmed short.

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

  • Purchase a perforated pizza pan and use it to bake fries, chicken nuggets or anything else that requires flipping in the oven. Since the heat passes through the holes, onto the bottom of the food, there is no need to flip halfway through cooking time. Submitted by: Hershley
  • The best way to store fresh herbs, is to chop them and put them in water into an ice cube tray. Toss cubes into soups, sauces and stews for extra fresh flavor. Submitted by: Jocelyne

Note: Every user assumes all risks of injury or damage resulting from the implementation of any suggestions in this column. Test all products on an inconspicuous area first.

Reena Nerbas is a popular motivational presenter for large and small groups; check out her website: Ask a question or share a tip at

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